Sunday, January 14, 2007

My poor baby...

Just when you thought that you've hit rock bottom, something happened. I was feeling lousy this week; having some sniffles. It could be the weather nowadays. A couple of days later, Danial started to heat up. I thought he could have got it from me. I thought maybe a rest at home could fix it so I didn't send Danial to daycare on Monday. Tuesday, we discovered some spots on Danial's knees, elbows, toes and hands so we went to Dr. Chan after sending the car for servicing.

Dr. Chan confirmed that Danial has Hand, Foot and Mouth Desease though God knows how he could have got it in the first place. It could have been the daycare, it could have been the guests at Soosan's house where we went for lunch last Saturday, heck! it could have been me giving him all the smooches. So, no daycare for Danial for a week until the symptoms subside.

That means, no work for me for a week. How can I be thinking of work when my poor baby is uncomfortable. Dr. Chan did say that that the bumps are not itchy. It was horrible though. I felt sorry for Danial having to go through this. His Papa Tok says it's part of growing up.

Danial lost his appetite along the week due to the ulcers in his mouth. I gave him formula in the afternoon to supplement his lunch and gave him Gerber baby food. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to eat. He was making a mess with food too when he sneezes with his mouth full. He's cranky which really test my patience with him. But I'd rather be the one who handles him than anyone else in the world as if I can lose my patience with him, imagine what other people might do to him if they lost their.

However, the worst is over. He's recovering. His appetite is back. He's back to his cheeky self and naps well during the day. Hopefully, he'll be fully recovered by next week, good enough to go back to daycare and I can start working on my investors' portfolios. I have a lot of work overdue, it's not even funny.

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